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The Kashpia Printing & Packaging Ind. is one of the best projects in the printing, carton and label side at this moment. This multiple projects have modern machinery & equipment as well as have varieties of product mix and this project is viable in terms of financial & economic aspects. At present, Raw materials are being imported from, France, Malaysia, China & Taiwan. Currently using raw materials for labels 50 to 150 micron Self- adhesive, BOPP, PP, PET, PE, with backing liner paper.

The industry is an ISO, FSC, & SGS certified factory. The label unit is dedicated to produce the products and services of the highest quality our motto’s is not only deliver the final goods on time but also to offer cheaper price. We accomplish this by taking greater responsibility for all products through strict quality assurance and internal communication. Each & everybody are engaged in ensuring the quality of the product.

It has a tremendous economic opportunity of our Country. The Market for Carton and Label has always been a good track record in our country. This Project is also creates job opportunity & thereby contribute to the economic development of Bangladesh.

The annual capacity of this project based on two shifts (8hrs per shift). The Total cost of the project will be estimated Tk. 1,800 M out of which working capital and L/C facility will Tk.650 M. At present, the project is running at 60% capacity and generated net profit (before tax) of Tk.308 M, Tk. 148 M, Tk.62 M, respectively for the FY: 2018-19, 217-18 and 2016-17. It is expected that, if the capacity will enhance at 100% level after established BMRE,

Md. Shahin Howlader


Mr Shahin Howlader, Proprietor Kashpia Printing and company Ind (KPPI), having experience on Printing and packaging Company more than 28 years. He having practical knowledge on operation and work process of this sector. He having remarkable forthrightness and vision to quality production. He always willing for committed service and work as a part of his client organizations. Consequently, Kashpia  Printing and packaging started in 2007 on the heritage of in-depth knowledge of the printing industry and a drive to continually raise the bar in the sunrise sector of print packaging.

KPPI Founded in 2007 by Mr Md Shahin Howlader, after 15 years of experience in the industry with a humble personal investment and a great dream. His personal credibility served as the primary currency and his single-minded focus on delivering service and quality in Printing established us as leading player in a short timeframe.

Mohammad Imtiaz


Mohammad Imtiaz Saju serving as CEO of the Organization having 18 years practical experience relating to supply chain, procurement and commercial area in various local and multinational era.

Md. Zahid Hossain

Head of - Operation, Sales & Marketing

Md Zahid Hossain serving as Head of Operation and Marketing having more than 25 years practical experience relating to carton and labeling industries.

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7 Million

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5 Million



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